Staying Productive While Working From Home During COVID-19

I’m Diane, Nick’s Mom. When Nick announced he wanted to start a “cannabis” business, I almost fell over and I think I stopped breathing! In fairness, I didn’t even know about THC and CBD. Over time I tried a roll on, tasted the coffee, used the cream – and soon I wanted to “bathe in the stuff”. My rusty knee felt better, my mornings were more productive (and I am already pretty productive and high energy) and my friends had exciting results too. I bought the URL “CBDsurprisesME” long before Nick started the business! When he was testing products, I tried everything. Yes everything. I am proud of his work, of his products and that he took the risk to build a business in this space! See more about my SURPRISES in this “Mother Knows Best: Blog!  


I am starting this blog as the country faces the virus emergency. These are scary times and very alarming for everyone. They are also times we can all buckle down to help our communities and our families! We can try new things (at home please) and focus on important tasks, because this will end. We are a strong and resourceful United States and we can do this!

Here are some things I and people I know are doing, maybe you will get some ideas! And yes, of course a few of the ideas do include a CBD tidbit! Maybe you will be surprised!

  1. One of my clients made red and green lights out of laminated construction paper, she hangs these on her home office door when she is busy (red means stop) and when she is free (green means go). Her young kids like the game and are taking responsibility to help her complete her work!


  1. One of my friends puts drops of the CBDSM ORANGE tincture in her coffee every morning. Your reaction might be different, but she feels ready for the day!


  1. Another one of my clients is making a list each morning from the quiet of her home office – she notes what she is going to get done during the day for (1) her job, (2) her family – 3 generations are in the same house, (3) self-care and (4) connecting with friends and family. She’s keeping her priorities straight during crazy!


  1. Another friend had migraines, she rubs the CBDSM roll on behind her ears and on her neck before bed and in the morning – even in these stressful times, she is migraine free. CBD impacts people differently, find your surprise.


  1. Here are a bunch of ideas for home officing I have used in my business – order a few CBDSM products NOW while Amazon catches up on shipping non- essential items and see what you think – then use some of these ideas:


Using your time wisely In your home office From Diane … surprise! BE Happy!

  1. Set up a dedicated work space
  2. Get organized so your work space is ready to roll – stand up if possible
  3. Follow all the same rules for the virus prevention (wash hands, wipe phones, etc.)
  4. Think about how you can support any family and friends who might be in quarantine
  5. Plan for your household to have emergency resources should this remote work last
  6. Make a stoplight for family to know when they can’t interrupt you
  7. Use the mute button for interruption when on calls
  8. Make a list each evening for the next day, maximize your most productive time
  9. Catch up on email and phone conversations you haven’t had time for
  10. Think about your 2020 priorities - keep fresh approach to your priorities during this remote time
  11. Communicate with co-workers and boss more often
  12. Make time for professional development podcasts and video
  13. Make time for research for any of your projects
  14. Maximize the live and recorded video conferencing opportunities
  15. Catch up on your to-do list
  16. Organize files to be more useful and updated for virtual activity
  17. READ! What materials would you READ and activate on that you have not made time for?
  18. Schedule phone time with your boss – stay connected on priorities
  19. Think about how you can help your clients or associates – you might have more time to prepare the things they need from you, think creatively
  20. If you have kids, brainstorm with them how they can plan to be busy with fun and interesting things while you work – get supplies for these activities
  21. Have fun with the details you can control – organized work space, fun food, healthy snacks, good coffee, etc.
  22. Keep a list of the top most important meetings/travel once this situation ends
  23. Avoid errands and housework during the work day (save for your “tired time” of day when you feel least productive)
  24. Organize for your home office day just like going to work – workout, shower, dress, make-up, eat meals, etc. – never work in your PJs
  25. Take 15-20 minutes in the morning and the afternoon to go outside – read work materials you never have time for and catch up on thank you notes, get some sunshine
  26. Loneliness can be problematic for some, use these tips to cope
    1. Boost your connection with others by phone, email, text and video conferencing
    2. Find tools to help you stay optimistic
    3. Take care of yourself (exercise, groom, make connections, etc.)
    4. Avoid excessive use of social media and devices, do other things
    5. Practice gratitude which will strength you emotionally
    6. Play music
    7. Learn something new for your job (tutorials, YouTube, etc.)
    8. Share your worry with others
    9. Serve others (volunteer, raise money for a cause, help a friend or neighbor)
  27. Manager, empower your employees to use their voices and develop solutions
  28. Research shows happy employees work harder, so just do it and get more done
  29. Use the time to “turn up training” internally or individually (Go to YouTube!)
  30. Share information and recognition with your teammates, support teamwork
  31. In the past “patriotism” was narrowly defined by military service, now patriotism is being committed to workforce activity and being productive and saluting the armed forces, doctors, nurses, teachers and hourly workers
  32. Support collaboration, this emergency might provide the path for less polarization in our county and in our communities, certainly in our workplaces
  33. Have faith in the experts where science is reigning and be grateful for their hard work to end this crisis
  34. If you have resources, invest in the public good and help your community protect vulnerable populations
  35. Stay safe – practice social distancing when you leave home
  36. Support your local restaurant, do carry out or deliver to get a yummy workday lunches
  37. Be grateful!


Thank you for reading this first blog, ideas welcome