Mother's Calming Checklist

This is a crazy time, there’s so much to do during the shelter at home with family! I am hoping to help with some calming ideas (and maybe funny) ideas that will get you through the day. If you had time, you’d think of these things too! See what might work for you, find a surprise in the checklist.


Mother’s Calming Checklist:

  • CBD for COVID worrying – and do 10 jumping jacks to shift your perspective
  • CBD for your next ZOOM meeting – if you sit, stand this time for your call
  • CBD for your (not your children’s) school work planning – get a white board for the daily school schedule
  • CBD for the 100th conference call of the week – fine tune the agenda so the calls are focused and productive
  • CBD for enjoying your walk outside – even ten minutes between calls is good for your perspective, put your face up to the sun
  • CBD for getting your morning going well – get up 10 minutes early and write a list of what you are grateful for
  • CBD for the next time your dog barks during a meeting – take your dog out to play ball
  • CBD for cooking dinner, again – support a local restaurant instead of cooking
  • CBD for your web call to catch up with friends – schedule time to be social with distance
  • CBD because you have to take care of yourself – really!


We worked very hard to select manufacturers for CBD Surprises Me; good quality CBD, THC free and high standards for manufacturing! One of our manufacturers provide this information we want to provide to you. I have provided the link to the science in addition to a few suggestions about the CBDSM products to help with calming your COVID fight! There is a lot of work to be done on CBD research, we even hope to participate, but important medical and science institutions are already learning good information which convinced us to build this business. Surprise!


CBD is a fairly new product for many and although our reviews and antidotes will help you learn how to use our CBD products, we want to provide more information --- backed up by science and medicine --- to help you be informed and educated. Check it out!


CBD to Promote Calmness

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This time fighting COVID can be stressful as can any time in life. CBD aids in reducing symptom of anxious feelings and promotes a sense of calmness. It helps to balance the body and mind and support homeostasis. CBD also stimulates receptors that release serotonin and dopamine throughout the brain. The release of these chemicals increases our mood and combats anxious feelings, caused by a lack of these chemicals.


CBD to Adjust Stress

Cleveland Clinic:                                                  

National Institute of Health Library of Medicine     

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Stress is a response to change, and the last few weeks of the COVID fight have brought change for every household. Our bodies are designed with a biological system made up of endocannabinoids called the endocannabinoid system, this system plays a crucial role in helping to regulate these processes. CBD is able to contribute to reducing stress by activating these natural system’s receptors. Your needs and your receptors will begin working to suit your needs, all users are different. CBD does not remove the stressors, but can assist in improving our responses.


We have tried and use every one of our products at CBD Surprises Me! You can see our reviews and the reviews of others.


The first day of the stock market dive at the beginning of the COVID period, I was already drinking CBD coffee with I love each morning with various creams and a bit of sugar. As the business news got worse, my instincts were “this would pass” but I was nervous and faced with a full day of calls and meetings. I took one of the softgels and moved on to have a very productive and calm day. Usually I take one of the softgels at night instead of Tylenol, it helps me sleep, but this was the first time I took one of the softgels during the workday. I appreciated the focus and calm I felt. I probably won’t take one every morning, I haven’t had one since – but I am very glad to know I have an option to help me feel focused and calm! See of the softgels surprise you. I was surprised.