Surprise! You're not the only one using CBD these days...

According to a Gallop poll, published in a Forbes article from August 2018, one in five Americans over 50 now use some kind of CBD product. Gallup (you know, the folks who do opinion and political polling most well known and respected for polling) did published an updated article in August of 2019 where Gallup said 14% of Americans say they use CBD products.


That’s me too – and I just can’t believe it! When Nick, my son, decided to start this business I had tried a roll on for a rusty knee. It worked


Gallup goes on to say that in 2019 they found 40% of CBD users utilized CBD products for pain (note rusty knee), 20% for anxiety (note by my story in blog #2 about my being anxious during the COVID stock market twists and turns) and 11% for sleep. 

All of these are “me” too!

Here’s the report so you can see for yourself!

This article speaks to some CBD products having low levels of THC. The CBD Surprises Me! products are ALL THC FREE! The THC game is NOT ME!

Gallup outlines the ways folks use CBD in this chart. Take a look, think about your situation and let us help you with the science and anecdotes. Gallup says “As the FDA begins to regulate CBD products and they become more mainstream, older Americans may stand to Benefit the most from them for treatment of aches and pains that come with age".


Diane’s tips:

Layer your CBD – we find the products work best when used together

 Make note of any change you feel – some change might sneak up on you like it did for me,  I realized my rusty knee wasn’t even noticeable

 Start slowly – test the results with a little and then add as needed

 Share with your friends – so many of my girlfriends are happy with the benefits, they were surprised like me

 Keep CBD away from kids, grandchildren and pregnant women – we don’t know enough yet – but by all means share the surprise with your grown kids